(MQA/PA 2464)(N/811/4/0124)

Hospitality management is both a field of work and a field of study. In the work sense, it refers to management of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other institutions in the hospitality industry. As a field of study, it refers to the study of the hospitality industry and its management needs. People who are interested in careers in the industry may opt to pursue it as a field of study so that they can start their careers on solid footing.

The hospitality industry is vast and very diverse. Any time people travel, stay in a hotel, eat out, go to the movies, and engage in similar activities, they are patronizing establishments in the industry. The management of such establishments is very challenging, as managers need to be flexible enough to anticipate and meet a wide variety of needs. They must also handle tasks such as training employees, handling staff, setting standards, and so forth.

Some people develop careers in hospitality management by working from the ground up. They get experience in various low level positions before gradually being promoted into supervisory positions, and eventually attain managerial status. For people who plan to work with a single organization for life, this method can be a great way to advance, as it familiarizes them with all of the nuances of the organizations they work for and gives them a better idea of the amount of work involved at all levels to run a facility like a busy resort


  • 3 Years (6 Semesters)

Entry Requirement

  • Lulus SPM/SPMV/O Level dengan mendapat 3 kredit dalam mana-mana mata pelajaran serta lulus Bahasa Inggeris; ATAU
  • Lulus sijil dalam bidang Pengurusan Hotel dengan minimum CGPA 2.00; ATAU
  • Kelayakan lain yang diiktiraf setara dengannya oleh Kerajaan Malaysia

Career Prospects

  • Participation in this industry-wide forum is open to leaders in all areas of the hospitality industry and related businesses. The Industry Perspectivesseries allows executives and managers to share successful ideas from their organizations or to explain positive interactions of hospitality businesses and their communities. The perspectives should present examples and procedures that others in the industry could learn from and follow.

Education Pathway

  • Pursue Bachelors in Hotel & Management
  • Specialized in Hospitality Business Entrepreneur

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